Bay of Authie

About 25 kms from the campsite and Le Crotoy, discover the Bay of Authie, in the northern part of the Somme. Going there is a sure change of scenery with the natural landscapes of the Bay of Authie, a true haven of peace and home to the famous harbor seals of Somme.

When you are in Quend and Fort-Mahon-Plage, push a few kilometers further in this part of Marquenterre and go contemplate this magnificent bay where nature reigns supreme. You will discover a great diversity of landscapes such as the Mollières which are salt meadows with ponds (in picard) covered only by the highest tides and the tides of living waters.

The etran is the lower zone discovered by the coming and going of the tides. Whether you are on foot, on horseback or on a bike, you will be able to cross the different dune-like ranges. You will be surprised by the richness of its fauna and flora. Such fauna include the notorious harbor seals on the sand banks. Water sports, canoeing, kayaking and sailing enthusiasts will enjoy visiting this magnificent natural bay of Picardy.

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